Exceptional Veterinary Care

Cottage Vet is fantastic. We absolutely love Dr. Hanson. I am a first time pet parent and Dr. Hanson is always very thorough and understanding each time I bring my dog in to see him. He is always gentle and often will sit on the floor to examine her, explaining everything along the way. Thank you Dr. Hanson for going the extra mile! We really appreciate you!
Taylor M.
We moved to Parker, and needed a new vet for our dog, and had a recommendation to try Cottage Veterinary. We walked into the waiting room, and I noticed that my dog stayed calm…something he didn’t use to do when he went to our previous vet. My dog was greeted by Dr. Fabrick, who performed a complete check up without getting him upset or nervous. This was definitely a first for my dog! Really happy with the change to Cottage Veterinary.
Mike R.
I went to this place for years and they were absolutely wonderful. I would still be bringing my dogs here if I hadn’t moved out of state. Lovely staff and wonderful vets. I mostly saw Dr. Spiro there with my dogs, but had another woman see us once right before we moved and she was great as well! I can’t remember her name, though I think she was the only other vet there. We certainly miss everybody and are sad to no longer bring our dogs to a place they were so comfortable and familiar with. Don’t hesitate to bring your fur babies here, they’ll be in good hands!
Tanith K.
Miriam was so nice over the phone and got us right in! Dr. Hanson was lovely, gentle, kind, and thorough. Thank you for taking care of Dr. Nugget!!
We regularly bring different foster dogs here to be neutered / spayed, chipped, and other needs. Have never had a recovery issue with any of the neuter / spay recoveries.
Joy C.