General Practice

General Practice includes a little bit of everything. We offer comprehensive preventative wellness services such as vaccinations, heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention, and flea and tick treatment. We have inhouse blood testing machines for accurate, same day, diagnostics and a well stocked pharmacy. +

Internal Medicine

Dr. Fabrick is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist. After four years of veterinary school, she completed a one year rotating internship followed by a three year residency. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.  Internal Medicine incorporates many areas of medicine including gastroenterology (esophageal, stomach and intestinal disease), hepatology (liver and pancreatic disease), endocrinology (hormonal disease), infectious diseases, urology (urinary tract disease), nephrology (kidney disease), respiratory medicine (nose, airway and lung disease), and hematology & immunology (blood cell and immune-disease). She is one of only a few practicing in at a general practice and the only on the front range that we're aware of. All others are at higher priced specialty practices. +


Dental disease is a common and, unfortunately, often costly problem. We understand this and work hard to keep costs manageable. Depending on the severity of the disease, our pricing structure can save you hundreds on the cost of care and we have all the tools necessary to address the most common problems, heal the infection, and stop the pain.+


From spays and neuters to broken bones and toys stuck in the belly, Drs Hanson and Spiro can perform most of the surgeries needed. When a specialist is required, we call in Dr Moorer of Trek Veterinary Surgery. He is a Board Certified Surgical Specialist with the Americal College of Veterinary Surgeons. +

Orthopedic Surgery

Ligament tears in the knee are the most common orthopedic injury in dogs. There are a number of different ways to manage and treat this type of injury. The most common surgical methods are the extracapsular lateral suture and TPLO. The doctors here will discuss the options available to determine the best course of treatment for both you and your dog.

If the TPLO is deemed the best option, it will be done by Dr Moorer. While not inexpensive, you will find that our costs are extremely competitive and often hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than others along the front range - for the same specialist surgery and sometimes the same surgeon!


Being and Internal Medicine specialist, Dr Fabrick has advanced training in endoscopy. She is able to perform endoscopy of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive way to look for and remove esophageal and gastric foreign bodies, image for lesions and take biopsies for histopathology. +

Radiology and Ultrasonography

We offer Cuattro digital radiology. This system is widely used in both animal and human practice and is state of the art.

We are equipped with our own GE ultrasound and also utilized the specialty services of Dr Stacy Winkelman. She is a radiology specialist board certified with the American College of Veterinary Radiology.